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Quality of herbs is one of the key factors on the quality of modern Chinese medicines. High quality herbs with no metallic compound and pesticide residue contaminations is the first safeguard to ensure quality for Shineway¡¯s modern Chinese medicines. Shineway has established herbal farms in Jilin, Shandong and Hebei provinces, base on China¡¯s GAP standards. Our main goal is to ensure that the herbs are natural and unpolluted. So we begin our top grade quality assurance from the source.

Smart workshop and foremost craftsmanship constitute the second quality assurance for Shineway¡¯s modern Chinese medicines. Shineway is the first company to fully integrate automation technology in Chinese medicine extraction. To improve the precision and degree of concentration and purity of the extraction, our production workshops are consistedof the most advanced equipments which automate extraction process from raw materials handling to finished products. We believe that our production technology and know how are among the leading position in the world.

Advanced quality control protocols and instruments, prominent quality assurance personnel and advanced technology such as fingerprint chromatography are our third quality safeguard for Shineway¡¯s modern Chinese medicines. Shineway set three-levels of quality monitoring systems with strict protocols as the core of quality assurance program. Our quality control laboratory uses liquid chromatogram£¬gas chromatogram, asepsis separation system and other advanced instruments, to ensure our raw materials, semi-finished products and final products are produced in their highest quality. Low quality materials will be excluded before use. Unqualified semi-finished products will not enter the next production process. Final products which do not pass our high quality assurance standards are forbidden to enter the market. Shineway invested over RMB10,000,000 to fingerprint chromatogram which forms part of our internal control protocols to secure the quality of our Chinese medicine Injection.

Quality comes from a strict and stringent system. Shineway adopts international advanced quality standard as the model constitute the fourth safeguard for Shineway¡¯s modern Chinese medicines. In 2003, all Shineway production workshops obtained the State GMP certificates. In June 2004, Shineway was awarded the IMS Certificate by the British Standards Institute. Among all of the Chinese medicine enterprises in China, Shineway was the first who passed the authentication of Quality Management System (ISO9001), Environmental Management System (ISO14004) and Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS18001). In 2006, Shineway obtained the Australia GMP Certificate. Mr. Li Zhenjiang, our chairman said, the aims of Shineway was not for the certificate, but for the improvement and development of quality management. Shineway constantly improves and elevates quality standards and the internal control standard to much higher level than those as required by regulations.

Our modern logistic centre with advance temperature and humidity controls and inventory tracking system constitute the fifth quality safeguard for Shineway¡¯s modern Chinese medicines. Shineway has invested over one hundred million reminbi in establishing the logistic centre capable of providing constant room temperature and humidity, to maintain quality of the products during storage in warehouse. Shineway established a full scope tracking system and quality responsibility protocols to ensure high quality from raw materials procured to final products. Each pack of Shineway products has a special bar code, used for tracking the production & quality control process of the product, capable of tracing the origin of material supply and operator of each production process and the tester. The tracking result can be completed in one hour.

The implementation of stringent management and relentless drive for organization excellence are the sixth quality safeguard for Shineway¡¯s modern Chinese medicines. Shineway established strict protocols for each steps and process of production operations, together with well established rules & policies for everyone in Shineway to follow. All of these are carried out with precise protocols. In Shineway, work by different people will lead to same result.

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