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Shineway¡¯s research & development is approved by the Ministry of Personnel of China to establish Postdoctoral Research Work Station. Through our experienced and highly commanded research personnel and research management system, Shineway is empowered by a skillful, innovative research & development team. Shineway has committed our excellence in the development of     Chinese modern medicine together with characteristic of Western medicines and biological medicines, with innovation research and cooperation with renowned research institutes.
Shineway forms strategic alliance with famous research institutes and universities, such as Tsinghua University, Beijing University and Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and utilizes powerful research capabilities to provide many new products to market every year. Our new product, Jiang Zhi Tong Luo soft capsules, is being listed in State¡¯s Hi-tech Research and Development Plan (863) and State Model Project of Hi-tech industry. It is also named as the State Key New Product by Minister of Science and 3 other ministries of China because of its excellent therapeutic effect in lowering blood lipid and protecting liver. A number of Shineway¡¯s products are awarded with patents.

Shineway invests immensely in the research of new medicines every year. Our R&D centre utilizes advanced instruments and equipments, such as HPLC, atomic absorption spectrometry, infrared absorption spectroscopy, ultraviolet absorption spectrometry, ultra particle pulverizer, multi-functional extraction pot, Chromatography separation system, centrifuge spray drying machine, film drying equipment, etc., which serve as a strong foundation for researching new medicines and technologies.

Our research & development team is committed to the modernization of Chinese medicines and to develop proprietary intellectual property as long-term objective. Our direction is primarily focus on diseases which cannot be cured by Western medicines, such as cardio-cerebrovascular disease, immune system disease, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, and chronic disease, etc. With a strong focus on key processes and technology in production, Shineway¡¯s researchers carry out research on production knowhow, quality control, quality assurance and the development of health products with the principal of Chinese medicines.

Our research team also studies on the pharmaceutical analysis, pharmacology and pharmaceutical effect of existing formula with excellent therapeutic effect and carry out re-development to improve their quality, further fix the stability of main ingredients, resolve problems such as the metallic compound and pesticide residue and enhancement of production knowhow, so that the products can become renowned products in both domestic and international market.

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