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    Corporations can only grow in good social and natural environment. Therefore, corporations
should take on their corresponding social responsibility. Being a corporate citizen means that
corporation should not be satisfied of being an ¡°Economic Man¡±, but also a social member with
responsibility and morality to the society.
    As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, Shineway knows deeply that our products and services are
closely bound up with the health and life of human. Therefore, Shineway undertakes the
responsibility of the corporation citizen, contributes more to the development of social
harmonious. Shineway always complies with all laws and regulations, treats the society and
business partners honestly, and uses excellent performance to reward shareholders, clients
and society. Shineway gains the reputation and trust from them, which leads to a win-win
    Shineway establishes good corporate values, complies with all laws, regulations and
international standards, refuses bribe and corruption. Shineway runs our business legally and
honestly under the social morality and rules. Our good attributes speak for itself. Shineway
was promulgated as the Top Ten Most Admirable Pharmaceutical Enterprise of China.
Shineway treats its customers, employees, shareholders, community and stakeholders
honestly. Also, Shineway undertakes responsibility on high quality of our products and
services. Shineway has insisted that high quality as the most important of our corporate
attributes. Under the recommendation of SFDA, Shineway was named as one of the Quality
Medicine Enterprise by the Publicity Department of China. Shineway was also honored as the
National Pharmaceutical Enterprise with Faith and Honest, and the China Enterprise of
Upmost Integrity.
    Shineway always put great emphasis on our people, and has created a workplace catering on
employees¡¯ physical and psychological health, so they can utilize their intelligence and
abilities. Shineway guarantees the equality of job opportunity and salary, provides work safety,
training and career development. Shineway received OHSAS18001 Certificate, and was
honored as the Best Employer in Top 10 Industries and the National Excellent Business in
Harmonious Labor Relationship.
    Shineway makes its best effort to protect the environment. We use clean energy to help
lowering pollution and waste. We have strived to reduce, or even eliminate any possible
negative effect to the environment during production. Evidentially, Shineway is named as an
Excellent Enterprise of Hebei Province in Environmental Protection and Honest Enterprise of
Shijiazhuang City in Environmental Protection.
    Shineway keeps strengthen its cultural development and improves employees¡¯ awareness of
social responsibility. We encourage employees to participate in donation and charity. Led by
Mr. Li Zhenjiang, our Chairman of the Board, Shineway and its staff have helped hundreds of
poor children to complete their education.
    Shineway actively supports charity and public welfare. We strive our best in the development
of charitable activities. We have been cooperating with our government in disaster salvation,
providing aids to the poor, the elderly and orphans, in education and financial assistance and
in kind supports etc. In 2003, Shineway was awarded Endowment Prize because of its great
contribution in the period of SARS.
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