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Shineway understands that its business growth is due to the support from the society.
Shineway is committed to pay back to the society in all possible way. While Shineway serves
the society and human health by offering excellent products, we also contribute to the society
by continuously making charitable donation in funds, free medicines and other in-kinds so we
can be a sound contributor in the development of harmonious society.

For all these years, Shineway has always actively participated in the welfare and health of the
elderly. We focus not only on providing good medicines to the elderly, but also support and
organize many activities for the elderly and donate funds or medicines to martyr families,
retired soldiers, cadre and teachers. Indeed, Shineway held and supported the first China
Elderly Health Care Annual Conference. In May 2000, China¡¯s Geriatric Institute awarded
Shineway a commemorative cup and an honorary certificate. In October 2000, Shineway was
awarded a tablet stating ¡°Reputable Shineway Spirit¡± by the China Elderly Association.

In 1996, Shineway donated medicines amounted to RMB 60,000 to people who were affected
by flooding in Hunan and also donated to people affected by flooding in Hebei. In the same
year, Luancheng, Hebei, where Shineway located, was affected by a natural disaster, and
Shineway also donated the medicines amounted to RMB 50,000 to the needed. In 1998,
Shineway again extended a helping hand to those affected by a catastrophic flood along
Yangtze River, Nen River and Songhua River, by donating Huo Xiang Zheng Qi soft capsules,
Qing Kai Ling soft capsules, Flu soft capsules, Kid Expectorant granules, Xuan Mai Gan Ju
granules and so on, which worth RMB 1,360,000. Shineway always show our care of the
society by actual giving.

In 2003, SARS was spreading in various areas in our nation. While Shineway took the
necessary precaution to avoid infection, we operated our manufacturing facilities 24 hours
continuously to produce anti-SARS medicines, like Qing Kai Ling injections, Qing Kai Ling soft
capsules and so on. Moreover, Shineway donated our anti-viral medicine, Qing Kai Ling soft
capsules, which worth RMB 5 million to Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi, and other locations that were
badly affected by SARS. Shineway contributed our care to the society by battling with SARS.

Shineway also donated actively to the charity funds of education. Our Chairman, Mr. Li
Zhenjiang, donates regularly to support more than hundred underprivileged children and
university students to complete their school eductions.

Shineway¡¯s care and contribution to social welfare was well acknowledged by the general
public. In December 2003, Shineway was awarded the ¡°Charity Donation Prized with Love¡± by
the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China.
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