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With strong social responsibility, Shineway always put great emphasis on eco-friendliness.
We consider environmental protection and its management when making company decisions.
While Shineway makes its best effort to be a company of high technology and economically
efficiency, we also strive to achieve low consumption of natural resources and avoid
environmental pollution, in order to achieve a win-win with the environment and society along
with our own economic.

Shineway is committed to be a clean and environmental friendly manufacturer. We implement
a great number of eco-friendly manufacturing processes and protocols to strive for our goal in
environmental friendliness.

Shineway invested $46 millions in our sewage disposal project which is now capable to handle
1,500 tons of sewage per day. We have also rebuilt our sewage disposal station and
upgraded our eco-friendly production equipment to ensure the stable operation of sewage
disposal process to achieve high standard of disposed water quality. More than half of the
Shineway factory premises are now covered by landscape gardening area.

Shineway encourages saving of energy by organizing each production team to explore
potential way of energy saving while using advanced eco-friendly equipment and technology.
Today, we have completed many projects such as ¡°Stokehold condensate callback systems
rebuild¡±, ¡°TCM workshop compress air systems rebuild¡± and ¡°Workshop frequency conversion
electric power saving systems rebuild¡±. Our ¡°Integrated water recycle project¡± collects
disposed water and recycles to use as coolant after cooling process. The efficiency of
recycling water is now above 80%. It helps the company saving 600,000 tons of water per
year, and advancing the efficiency of resources.

Shineway makes tremendous effort to reduce output of contaminant and advance the
economic benefit by reduction of consumption of energy and advancement in material usage
efficiency. ¡°The integrated ethanol recycle project¡±, by collected disposed ethanol, helps to
recycle about 2,000 tons of ethanol pe r year, and reduce 3,000 tons of ethanol purchase per

Shineway has been certified under Environment Management System (ISO14001) since the
year of 2004. We are also named as the ¡°Enterprise of environmental compliance in the
Hebei province¡± and ¡°The advanced eco-friendly enterprise in Hebei province¡± by the Hebei
Provincial Bureau of the Environmental Protection.
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