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Good Manufacturing Practices (¡°GMP¡±), is a set of management standards focusing on product quality and safety in the production process. GMP includes two parts: hardware and software. Hardware concerns about personnel, premises, equipments and instruments. Software concerns about organization, protocols, operation, hygiene, records and standards. Implementation of GMP is not only the responsibility of pharmaceutical manufacturer to take charge of safety and operation efficiency, but also the vow of the company to safeguard its products¡¯ competitive advantage. GMP is also the precondition for internationalization of pharmaceutical manufacturers. Hence, implementing GMP is the basis for pharmaceutical manufacturers to sustain the foundation of their operations & development and is the passport for entering international markets.

China required all pharmaceutical manufacturers to meet GMP requirements and obtain GMP Certificate before 30th June, 2004, or the enterprise had to stop production till it got the GMP certificate.

On 11th Jan., 2003, all of eight product formats of Shineway passed the GMP certification, about 1.5 years earlier than the deadline. To maximize the benefits of GMP standards, Shineway set up a special department to take charge on training and continuous improvement on GMP management. Via continuous professional training, GMP serves as a backbone on our production process and management.

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