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In the Chinese dictionary, means the creator and ruler of the whole world. It is also symbolized as some with super energy, power, brightness, smartness, etc. While means super prestige and formidable verve. The combination of and symbolizes that our company has God-given power, infinite force, supernal efficiency and godly outcome. will be all-conquering, invincible and unstoppable.

The Green Centre Circle: Green represents nature, life and health while the centre circle implicates strong cohesion of corporation and solid foundation of Shineway Modern Chinese Medicines.

Four Blue Arrows: they signify the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and the Groups competencies, which explode most powerful force to contribute good health and fruits of nature to people all over the world.

"Shineway, which mirrors its Chinese name pronunciation, also carries the meaning of leading to a bright and shiny way.

The logo with a circle in square indicates that Shineway have been making use of science and technology of the nature to benefit people.

Astragalus Polysaccharide
Tashinone IIA
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