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Health is the most valuable wealth for man kind. The healthcare industry is the most noble industry. As a participant, we devote ourselves with unbounded responsibilities in a broad frontier.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (¡°TCM¡±) is our national treasures. Shineway is dedicated to become the best TCM enterprise. Shineway strives to integrate TCM theories and modern science & technology at its best. Shineway is a leading manufacturer of modern Chinese Medicine in China. Shineway aims to produce more medicines with excellent quality and reasonable price to benefit human¡¯s health. Our motto ¡°Leading modern Chinese Medicine, Promoting Health Industry¡± is our ultimate mission. Shineway plays an important role in the modernization of TCM.

Looking ahead, we are always alert of adversities and challenges, improve, upgrade and surpass ourselves. Shineway is committed to promote the modernization, industrialization and globalization of TCM. Through rapid growth and strong creativity, Shineway is an expert of modern Chinese Medicine!

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